I am inspired, in life and in my studio, by rituals. Process, ceremony. The things we do everyday that are routine, and how we elevate them, and the things that are already special, and making them accessible.

I generally explore a type of vessel or ceremony trying to exhaust the form within a finite period of time- 6 months or a year, and will then force myself to move on.

My love of the ritual of cooking, serving and eating are a frequent touchpoint, as are the practices of Judaism, American lifestyle, the inherent nature of walking the earth female, and the cultures I experience through travel and mentorship.

The act of adorning and decorating the work is, in itself, a ritual or ceremony. The patterns, motifs and textures are all inspired by observations in nature. These patterns try to transform the hard and concrete clay into something organic and undulating.

My works are often not easy to use, and that is purposeful. So many objects these days attempt to make our practices simpler, easier. But I believe they also render these practices more mundane. By creating scarcity and fragility, the user must be more purposeful and careful. This, in itself, makes the ritual- whether smoking from a hookah or pouring from a pitcher or eating a meal, more sacred.