Restaurant Ware

Usually the goal of potters is to make food more accessible, to make eating easier. I embrace the idea of preciousness- particularly for restaurants where each dish is highly considered, and helping diners consider each bite as part of the experience.

How Do CERemony Dishes Stand Up to a Restaurant Environment?
Our dishes are made with high fire stoneware, fired to 2300F. Most of our wares are dishwasher-safe. In some cases, extra care should be taken-when pieces have protuding parts, etc. But our ceramic wares are no different than most: the biggest risks are dropping them or thermal shock.

How CERemony Dishes to Work With?
In each listing, we note how each piece can be handled by service, and how each piece stacks for storage. In most cases, pieces can be handled multiple ways and stack more often than you think. More importantly, we are invested in how you work, so we’d love to collaborate to design something that works for your space, food and staff.

What Makes CERemony Dishes Different from Other Suppliers?
My dishes are made through a combination of handbuilding and throwing. We use almost no molds and our high fire reduction process results in glaze variation, even in a single kiln load. Our hands have molded every single piece, and so even when multiple people dine from the same dishes at a table, those small detail differences tell a narrative about the care of the entire meal.

Part of what we find thrilling about working with restaurants is the collaboration between two people who love food. We want each dish, in the hands of a diner and your staff, to clearly convey intention, care and beauty. If you’re interested in working with us, we are very pleased to have a conversation. Email us or if you’d prefer, just dial directly. / 602-487-2457

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